Conference season is well and truly underway, in fact you could say it is well and truly over.

We’ve had Nasty Nick claim that he will get ‘tough on the banks’, Red Ed claim that a new Britain can be discovered and [apparently] we’re about to find out that there are a significant number of Tories who distrust the economic stimulus package developed by the Coalition’s Cabinet.

But hey, we love  Conference, right? Whilst the Guardian have called for Party’s to justify why exactly they should have a conference and the blogosphere requiring that proceeds of Conference go towards other initiatives, such as Help for Heroes, The Blue Lamp Foundation or the National Health Service’s annual budget. But that would be silly, with the Liberal Democrats still reeling off the donations made by the tax exile hiding in the Dominican Republic and the Labour Party taking proceeds as a matter of having to just to survive, there really is no end in sight for this lovely part of the political season.

But Conference should be celebrated. Most of it gets about 30 seconds a day on the news bulletins, it really should be essential to reshaping a Party. Labour’s ‘Purple Book’ and ‘Blue Book’ were discussed in this years conference, but nowhere near to the depths it should be. Conference season should be about the exchange and subsequent generation of ideas – although mind you has that ever been what Conference is about?

Instead, until we wait for Conference to get serious we will wait for the Tory’s to continue being nice to the Liberal Democrats and glaringly aggressive to Labour; Labour picking tedious holes in some of the Tories best policy ideas; and, the Liberal Democrats STILL, despite being in Government, sitting on the fence.

So rather than Conference being about the self-generation of ideas, it will always really just be the annual slagging match: government vs. opposition. Tiresome really.


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