This may well be the last ‘open-for-all’ Freshers week for the next so-many years.

Next year there is a distinct possibility that Unversity’s, from your Kingston’s your King’s Colleges, will all be [probably] hiking their tuition fees to astronomical waves. And with a realistic possibility that the 2011 winter will be as popular for protests as the 2010 winter, there will be a bitter feeling amongst students throughout the country.

Celebrations should be raised for the last diverse student base for the next ‘X’ amount of years. There is potential for the disabled, the poor, the Black, the Asian, and the remaining diverse communities that have, to date, flourished under the academic system. Whilst Labour did increase the tuition fees and formality of University’s, it did also improve the accessibility. It enabled students to take on their own debt, sidestepping the issue of poorer parents, and it also made the results coming from University’s blossom.

So, raise your vodka redbull’s (£1 for out of London, £2 for in London) and look around you at the faces you see… they are possibily the last batch of faces who don’t conform to the stereotype of ‘University student’.


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