We're not listening to the youth of today, instead favouring a culture of 'on-paper' recognition...

Many sit down on a Saturday night with their dinner (whether it be pizza or Chinese), a beer (or Pepsi/Coke) and the television (alright, some go out and have a dance at their local loud music establishment, but the indoors breed still remain). On that television at around 8pm is a programme we are all familiar of, The X-Factor.

To this day the ‘X’ in the X-Factor remains undefined, but we don’t need it to have a definition – we all know ‘really’ what it is. On that programme thousands of people sit behind a panel of three and cipher out who has skills and who doesn’t – simple! It is usually infamous for it’s car crash TV; watching many of our fellow human beings rinsed the shit out of in front of an audience of 20000 and a TV audience of millions! But we don’t care, do we?

But go beyond this and the X-Factor creates a platform where we can help build communities and grow community leaders. Some criticise X-Factor for being commercial and over-simplistic, but it is exactly this that makes it great. It is simple and it provides a way for (usually) young people to get recognition. With the riots being (wrongly or rightly) put down to local alienated youth then the best way is to ensure they all have a right to get on a stage and show what their skill is. There is no doubt that (as we’re doing it right now) by ignoring a generation of vocationally skilled youth we instill anger and frustration in them because they cannot conform to an ‘on-paper’ culture of recognition.

Get them on the stage and let them demonstrate a talen they think they’ve got: all of them!


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