India is emerging as one of the worlds strongest economies. It showed resilience in time of the tough global recession and is rivalling China in having one of the biggest workforces in the world. However, the rose bed that was being laid by the government machinery in India is now being seriously jeopardised by the poor workmanship of the Commonwealth Games.

Full of culture, diversity and colour

Full of culture, diversity and colour

The games are suppose to start from the 3rd October and whilst the main infrastructures maybe in place; the miniscule of details look set to be absent. Scottish athletes and their representatives seem to be unhappy about the way the rooms have been left; how piles of rubble are still as frequent as seeing as an athlete pottering about or a water bottle laying mercifully on a table. But the biggest, most alarming problem Indian officials are facing is the scrutiny of India’s physical infrastructure – the walkways, the centres, buildings and arenas. It was reported a few days ago that one of the main footbridges had collapsed, killing 23 people, a sign that workmanship and preperation are of a poor standard. Then a day later it was reported that part of a ceiling in the arena had fallen down – fortunately, killing nobody.

These are alarming matters and it is ashame for the people of India. A passionate and colourful national are being shed in the wrong light as being ill-prepared and marginalized – again – as being an LEDC (something, economics will point out, is untrue). India really needs to stop grappling with the press and officials and divert their efforts in restoring a plan that will get the games up to scratch and reinstate them as South Africa’s World Cup. It is not often that the Commonwealth Games, Olympics or the World Cup are performed better in Western countries th

an those East of that glass boundary; but if the people of India can bring their own vuvuzela to the Games it can be a very momental and incredible occassion.


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